What we could do with your donation.

>> help people get jobs and love jobs. 

>> provide tutoring for children after school.
>> get middle school and high school students ready for college.
>> assist a struggling family find employment.
>>  help individuals, families and community organizations engage in small, intensive humanitarian community service projects and healthy-living initiatives.

For years we have met basic human needs because of the kindness of individuals, corporations, foundations, and many others who have shared their personal gifts/strengths (1. self capital) and friendships (2. social capital).   Our important work proceeds because of people like you.

>>We are developing as an organization and are not yet able, but will soon be able, to take money and other (tangible capital) donations.

Capital is a type of good that can be consumed now, but if consumption is deferred an increased supply of consumable goods will be available later. Adam Smith defines capital as "That part of a man's stock which he expects to afford him revenue is called his capital." Capital is derived from the Latin word "caput" meaning head, as in "head of cattle".[1] The term "stock" is derived from the Old English word for stump or tree trunk, i.e. something that grows over time.[2] (source wiki)