frequently asked questions

FAQ: What is a Nano Marathon.

Answer:  You have heard of marathons (26.2 mile) and half-marathons (13.1 miles), and 10 and 5 K runs, right? Well, we are into extreme sports---we take it to the next level---we host the most extreme race ever runthe Nano Marathon!

FAQ: What does the Nano Marathon involve?

Answer: We run 26.2 feet, from Das Cafe in Spring City all the way to Victory Hall(If that is too much for you, run the half-marathon "Fun Run", 13.1 feet.)  

FAQ: Why would I do this?

Answer: Why would you do anything...because you are awesome!  And maybe because you want to make history.  Perhaps you will do it for the same reason most people run traditional marathons: to get the t-shirt, of course.  Whatever your reason, start training now!  And bring it!  There will be prizes, and all registrants receive a Nano Marathon T-shirt, a free book, a free dixie cup and other prizes.